Volcano erupts on ‘The Island’

by Seth Combs . FEBRUARY 20, 2019 Issue San Diego City Beat

Local band combines Afrobeat, krautrock and psychedelic jamming

As a child of the ’80s, I can testify to the fact that there used to be a time when…

placeholder Review The Island

 By Josie Faulkner    February 15, 2019  


You’ll be hard pressed to find out much about VOLCANO on the internet. Type in their band name, followed by a few keywords and you’ll be flooded with pictures of exploding mountains or adverts…

placeholder Review The Island

by Martyn Coppack | February 13, 2019 | Reviews

With a line up consisting of members of Harsh Toke, Joy, Loom and Radio Moscow, you would imagine that offshoot group Volcano would offer something quite remarkable. What you might not…


The Obelisk - Volcano at Roadburn 2018

Roadburn 2018 Day Three: No Evil No Demon 

......I knew I wanted to be back in the Green Room for Volcano, so I hopscotched out of the Main Hall and downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat. Some vegan…

City Beat - Members of JOY, Harsh Toke start new band

Members of some heavyweight bands in the local psychedelic scene have come together with a new project called Volcano. The band features Harsh Toke’s Gabe Messer on keyboards and vocals, JOY’S Zachary Oakley on guitar, his brother Matt on drums…